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Types of Country Cottages:

The term of country cottage or country cottages is a generic one, which is often used to simply describe self catering cottages or self catering accommodation. The phrase country cottages does not narrowly just refer to self catering cottages in the countryside and can also be used to refer to coastal cottages for example.

There are therefore various types of country cottages. Here we are focusing on:

- Rural country cottages
- Remote country cottages
- Secluded country cottages
- Pet friendly country cottages

Rural cottages
At certain times you just want to get away from it all and find somewhere peaceful to regain your calm and balance or simply relax. You may want to rent a cottage which is well situated for wildlife watching and country walks. When you need a well earned rest you may well be seeking a cottage deep in the countryside, surrounded by fields and the sound of birdsong. Some like the idea of staying in forested areas whereas others want to be amongst fields and miles of countryside. The idea of renting a cottage in one of Britain's national parks may appeal to you or you may want to find somewhere in one of the many areas of outstanding natural beauty in Great Britain. Take a look at some rural country cottages to rent.

Remote country cottages
Some people like to go one step further than a rural retreat and truly get away from it all. If you are looking to take a break where you really won't see too many other people you may well want to find a remote country cottage. Remote cottages can be appealing if you want to be far from others and also want to experience the stillness and closeness to nature that you can find far from the distractions of others. When it comes to remote cottages, sparsely populated countries such as Scotland or Ireland could be the best choice. The Scottish Highlands and Islands are particularly sparsely populated which can be good news for you if you are seeking a remote break. For some people it's important to go somewhere truly remote and book somewhere without television or the internet, to completely get away from all that is going on in the world. It can be therapeutic to stop watching the news and reading the newspapers for a while.

Secluded country cottages
In the summer time in particular it can be important to find a cottage which is not overlooked where you can enjoy some privacy with your loved one or with your family or friends. Secluded cottages can be particularly important when it comes to enjoying spending time in a cottage garden on a self catering holiday. Or you may simply want to rent somewhere where you don't feel that you are on display to prying eyes. Whatever your reasons for wanting privacy, finding a secluded country cottage can be important to different people for a variety of different reasons.

Pet friendly country cottages
Many people in the UK love animals and have pet cats or dogs. The British are known as a nation of animal lovers and jokes abound that many Brits actually love their pets more than their partners. If you have a treasured pet dog, it is likely that when taking a break in the UK you will want to holiday with your dog. Taking a break in a country cottage that welcomes your dog can be great in that you don't have to part from your dog, plus, you can save on bills for kennels. Some pet friendly country cottages also do their best to make your dog, as well as you, feel welcome with extra special touches like doggy baskets and water bowls. Do your research before booking a cottage to make sure that you and your dog will be comfortable at your cottage of choice. If cottage owners or agencies are not helpful in answering your queries, they may not be the right place for you.

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